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Lens accessories

camera lens accessories

Lenses are expensive and extremely valuable things, and they need protection.

If your lens doesn’t come with one, it’s a great idea to pick up a lens hood – not only do they shade your lens from stray rays of light bouncing through the lens and creating flare, but they also protect it against bumps and scrapes and accidental knocks.

Alongside an enormous range of lens hoods, we also stock a huge range of lens caps, meaning that you can protect both ends of your lens.

For added safety, check out one of our lens cases and pouches, from leading camera bag manufacturers such as Lowepro, Think Tank, Canon, Tamrac and Peak Design.

For a more innovative solution to carrying your lenses, check out the Peak Design range of lens changers and capture kits.

Alternatively, pick up a Metabones lens adapter to use one brand of lens with another brand of camera – these are particularly popular with mirrorless cameras.


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