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L-Mount Lenses

The L Mount series of lenses sees a unique collaboration of three brands (Leica, Panasonic and Sigma), all using one shared mount! Used on both Leica and Panasonic camera systems, the mount can be found on both APS-C and full-frame camera bodies. Originally created by Leica, Photokina 2018 saw the exciting announcement that the new Panasonic full-frame mirrorless cameras, the S Series, would be using the L Mount. In addition, Sigma are also developing their own series of lenses using the L Mount, meaning that any camera using the L Mount will have a diverse range of lenses to choose from. The mount itself has a large diameter and flange distance of just 20mm, allowing lenses to be designed for premium optical performance. A strong, secure mount with four flange elements offers a secure connection between the lens and the body, and enhanced electronic connections allow for peak autofocus perfomance.


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