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Canon Mirrorless Lenses (RF Mount)

Canon Mirrorless Lenses (RF Mount)

The Canon RF series of lenses have been developed to provide optimum optical performance with the Canon EOS R (mirrorless) System. The RF Mount has a flange distance between the rear glass element and the sensor of just 20mm, compared to 44mm for their EF mount on their DSLRs. 

This is important as it allowed Canon to go back to the drawing board with their lens design, delivering wide aperture lenses that are perfect for low light and support the incredible autofocus on the R System.

Canon have launched with two prime lenses and two wide-angle zooms, with more to be announced. In the interim period, there are a series of mount adapters available for the EF and EF-S range of lenses - including options with a drop in variable neutral density (V-ND) filter and a circular polarising (C-PL) filter, and one offering a control ring to match the RF lens design. 


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