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Fujifilm Medium Format Lenses (G mount)

Fujifilm medium format lenses

Alongside the magnificent Fujifilm GFX-50S mirrorless medium format digital camera that Fuji released at Photokina 2016, they also announced a new line-up of high-end lenses to complement their new high-resolution range of cameras.

The Fujifilm G-mount range are dedicated to the GFX-50S and future medium format mirrorless cameras. These Fujinon GF lenses inherit the famed design of previous XF lenses, delivering rich tonal reproduction and high resolving power.

Fujifilm Firmly announcing their reintroduction to medium format photography with this line of Fujinon G-mount series lenses that not only possess excellent build quality but also top-of-the-range optics to ensure that the huge sensor’s capability of maximum detail is matched by the lens you’re using.


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