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Cine Lenses

cine lenses

Cine (or Cinema) lenses are high quality optical lenses designed exclusively to be used with video camcorders, cinema cameras, and DSLRs for shooting video and movies.

Cine lenses differ from still camera lenses in several important ways. Rather than f/stops they use t/stops for smoother transitions between apertures, they all come with manual aperture rings, and they all come fitted with follow focus gears around the focus and aperture rings for use with follow focus systems.

Additionally, multiple lenses will be built to the same size so they can be interchanged in a follow focus system without readjusting the mechanism.

Cine zoom lenses are also parfocal, meaning they maintain focus through the zoom range, whereas still lenses are vari focal and will lose the focus when zooming.

In order to achieve the highest quality output for movies and cinema, cine lenses are also built to generally higher optical standards than still lenses.

Browse our range of Cine lenses available at Park Cameras, or visit us in store at either of our stores to see them for yourself and get hands-on.


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