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Lens Adapters

lens adapters

Lens adapters from the likes of Metabones allow you to use a lens from one manufacturer, such as Nikon, on another camera, such as a Canon.

Additionally, by using a lens adapter for camera mounts, you can use brand lenses with other lenses of the same brand. For example, with a Canon mount adapter EF-EOS M you’re able to use Canon EF-mount lenses on an EF-M mount mirrorless camera. Just like with an Olympus mount adapter you’re able to use Micro Four Thirds lenses on Four Thirds cameras.

Metabones adapters are a fantastic solution for using your existing kit with new Cameras and lenses or even borrowing a friends’ camera kt. Open up a whole new world of creativity and freedom with a Metabones adapter.

Peak Design also manufacture amazing solutions for lenses – their lens changers allow you to carry multiple lenses on your person and change them safely without exposing them to the elements. They can then be stored on the Peak Design lens changer safely and securely until you need them again.

Browse our range of lens adapters and converters online or come into either our Burgess Hill or Central London photography stores where you can gets hands on with and see them for yourself.


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