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Collapsible Reflectors

collapsible reflectors

A collapsible, portable reflector is one of the essential pieces of equipment in most portrait, fashion, and studio photographers’ kit bags.

Reflectors are used in photography to enhance the amount of light on a subject and to fill in shadow areas. They are commonly used in outdoor, natural light environments instead of a using off-camera flash lighting as they give a softer additional light and enhance the amount of available light on the subject.

Using a reflector is relatively straightforward, but there are many to choose from. All modern reflectors are collapsible which makes them lightweight and easy to carry, and they are available in a multitude of colour combinations from plain white, to silver, to gold, and to combinations of colours.

At Park Cameras we have a range of reflectors available in our lighting accessories section – many of which are available to see and try in either of our two photographic showroom stores.


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