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Park cameras stock a huge range of lenses for every type of camera.

Interchangeable lenses are one of the best ways to give your images a different look and feel - a wideangle lens will allow you to get more in to the picture but also allow you to alter the perspective of your image by for instance moving closer to your subject.

A Standard lens (50mm on full frame, around 35mm on APS-C/DX and around 25mm on Micro 4/3rds) is a great addition to any outfit as standard lenses are normally low cost, fast aperture and great performing lenses.

A telephoto lens will allow you to bring your subject closer - great for sports, action and wildlife.

Zoom lenses allow you to zoom in and out of your subject and are extremely useful - models are available covering virtually all possibilities.> A Macro lens will allow you to take great close up pictures and a fisheye lens will give a unique view of the world.

Please click on the relevent catagories for the camera type you have for more information.


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