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photo scanners

When looking to digitise your images, there are two main methods you can use. Firstly, there’s the traditional flatbed scanner that can be used for positive photographs and prints, as well as negatives and slides when used with an adapter. Secondly, you could use a dedicated film scanner to scan your film negatives.

At Park Cameras we stock a wide range of both flatbed photo scanners and film scanners from the likes of Epson, Canon and Plustek. Buy online or visit one of our showroom stores to meet our expert staff.


Flatbed Photo Scanners

Flatbed scanners are the most versatile type of photo scanner and the easiest way to digitise your photos and documents onto your computer.

High end flatbed scanner models (including Canon models ending in an F) will also include Film Adapter Units that allow you to scan film and slide transparencies onto your computer as well.

This type of scanner often comes with customisable buttons for dedicated regular scanning operations that can be completed with a single press.

Flatbed photo scanners are simple and easy to use, offer versatile scanning options and are the perfect addition to any professional environment or home office.


Film Scanners

Film scanners provide a dedicated device for scanning and digitising negatives, slide film, and transparencies.

If you’re looking to preserve and archive your negative film, buying a film scanner will be the perfect choice as they will produce the best image quality.

A film scanner is the ideal option for photographers who primarily shoot analogue film and want to edit digitally and publish their photos either online or in print from these digital files.



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