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Micro SD

micro sd memory cards

With a Micro SD card you can easily transfer data including videos and images from your camera to your smartphone or Android tablet, or to expand the memory capacity of your smartphone or tablet and allow you to store even more photos and videos without having to delete existing ones.

There’s nothing worse than running out of memory on your tablet or smartphone, but with a Micro SD card you don’t need to worry about that – simply pop it in and you’ve instantly got extra room for storage of your favourite holiday snaps or cat videos.

Micro SD cards are the smallest memory card around and come in sizes from 16GB to 128GB, making them the most portable type of flash memory available. We have memory cards from all the leading brands here at Park Cameras.

Digital cameras that use full size SD cards can also be used with Micro SD cards with an adaptor, which means you can plug your card straight into your phone or tablet without needing to transfer the images.

When you’re buying a Micro SD memory card, don’t forget to pick up a memory card reader as well so you can use it with your PC or Mac.


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