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Mirrorless Cameras

mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless cameras, alternatively known as CSC or Compact System Cameras, are compact, lightweight, and powerful digital cameras with interchangeable lenses and advanced feature sets.

Often compared to Digital SLR cameras in terms of their performance, mirrorless cameras typically use either an APS-C or micro four thirds sized sensor, although some cameras do feature full-frame sensors.

By removing the camera’s pentaprism and mirror mechanism, mirrorless cameras offer a size and weight advantage over their larger DSLR cousins, which means both the cameras and lenses are considerably smaller and easier to carry – making mirrorless cameras a popular choice for travel and street photography.

With advanced features including 4K video recording, sophisticated in-camera image stabilisation, and bright, high quality electronic viewfinders, mirrorless cameras represent a viable and realistic option for amateurs and enthusiasts looking to upgrade from a compact camera, and for professionals looking to upgrade to a smaller and easy-to-carry kit bag.

At Park Cameras we have an excellent range of mirrorless cameras on offer, from all the leading manufacturers including Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Olympus & Panasonic. Browse our range online or drop into one of our fantastic showroom stores to see them for yourself and try them out.

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