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When choosing your new printer, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration. Aside from your budget, you should consider: what is the purpose of the printer? Will you be doing large poster photos, or will this be a home office printer used for the occasional 10x8 (or A4) photo, some postcards, and the such like, or do you need something in-between?

Secondly, how will you use the printer? Will it be permanently connected to a PC/Mac and will you just be printing from there, or do you need Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity in order to print from other devices and while away from home?

And lastly the quality – what will the images be used for? Are you printing your own portfolio, or are you printing a sketchbook? Perhaps you’re printing a mixture of essays, photos, graphics and other visual pieces?

Whatever your answers to these questions were, you can browse through the range of printers available at Park Cameras including home office style A4 sized, A3 sized, and A3/large format sized printers. Or visit our expert staff either in our Central London store or our showroom in Burgess Hill.


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