Whether you’re a professional photographer or running a business from home Park Cameras have a printer to suit your needs, with printers capable of high speed printing through to printers capable of unsurpassed photographic quality. As an accredited Canon EOS Professional Centre and Epson Pro Centre our staff can help you with all of your queries and help you to find the perfect printer to fulfil your needs.

Compact Photo Printers - Compact photo printers offer simple easy to use features with low running costs per print, printing at sizes up to 6x4” and a small selection peaking at 7x5”. These printers often operate dye-sub technology using a heated application of an ink ribbon to adhere the colour to the paper.

Paper Size - Most printers are capable of printing up to A4 paper size, whilst the majority of bespoke photographic printers print as large as A3+. Should you wish to print larger Epson are the only manufacturer to offer a medium footprint table mountable A2+ printer.

Multifunction or Photo Printer - Can your printer scan, copy, and print? Fear not Park Cameras have many printers that can deal with all of these tasks, starting as low as £110.00. Some go on to offer extra features such as CD printing capabilities and direct printing from USB or solid state memory cards. Alternatively you can opt for a dedicated photo printer, these printers will have more ink cartridges offering more accurate colour rendition and an improvement in tonal gradation. The advantages of the extra ink cartridges don’t stop here, by using more individual colours there will be less wastage of the ink overall and replacing the individual colour will become more cost effective.

Flatbed or Film Scanner - Scanners vary based on their maximum output resolution much like cameras the higher this figure (measured in DPI) the higher the amount of detail the scanner is able to extract from each scan. Dedicated film scanners are often quicker in their scan of 36x24mm film however one cannot over look the versatility offered by the flatbeds. It is worth noting that the image quality of film scans does not differ greatly from dedicated film scanners to flatbed.