With hundreds of different types of card out there how do you know which is right for your camera? Thankfully there are easy ways to tell, the format or shape is the first way to narrow the market as your camera will likely only take one. Read/Write speed is the other feature of utmost importance, if you are operating a camera capable of capturing raw files or HD video you will certainly need a faster memory card.

Secure Digital - Secure Digital cards are the most abundantly used cards in the world, working throughout all manufacturers compact and compact system cameras. Now also being utilised in over half of the SLRs, most PCs and TVs are now fitting with SD card slots enabling image and video playback.

Compact Flash - Still entrusted by Canon and Nikon in their top of the range cameras, these metal cased cards are the preferred choice of solid state memory by the pros as they offer durable and fast data management in the field. Now reaching speeds of up to 100mb/s and sizes up to 128GB, Sandisk’s Extreme Pro compact flash is the card to use in your Canon XF series camcorder, EOS-1D X, EOS C500, Nikon D4s, and D810.

XQD - Purchasing new state of the art digital SLR or camcorder, perhaps you would like to make use of this all new format of card? Capable of 500 MB/s read and 125 MB/s write speeds and a theoretical limit of 2TB this card is set to be the way forward for high specification D-SLRs and camcorders.

Mini & Micro SD Cards - Used in many mobile phones these cards use the same technology found in the larger format SD cards, however at a significantly reduced size. The mini is approximately half the size of the standard SD whilst the Micro SD is only quarter, these card are also finding a market in compact cameras with equally small proportions.