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Schneider Camera Lenses

camera lenses Schneider

Schneider Optics manufacture a range of high-end cine lenses for Nikon F-mount, Canon EOS EF-mount, Sony E-mount, and PL-mount.

The Schneider Optics range of Xenon FF-Prime cine lenses are available in either 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm versions.

The Xenon FF-prime cine lenses from Schneider Optics are purpose built for digital cinematography with modern high resolution DSLR and video cameras and are designed to be used with 4K ultra high definition resolution sensors.

Schneider’s entire range of Xenon FF-prime cine lenses are identical in their external dimensions and weight (with the exception of the 100mm version), which means they’re perfect for professional cinematography. They’re ruggedly built with reliability and optical quality at the core. With a circular 14 bladed aperture that delivers smooth and consistent bokeh and a 300 degree barrel rotation for dead-on focus accuracy, the Xenon FF-prime lenses from Schneider Optics should be on your shopping list of cine lenses.

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