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Sigma Digital SLR Cameras

digital slr cameras Sigma
Sigma DSLR Cameras on offer from Park Cameras are unique to those by other manufacturers in that they use the Foveon sensor design which can deliver extremely high definition.

Sigma offer one of the most unique digital SLR on the market today utilising their Foveon sensor to capture separate RGB channels there by offering some of the most detail reach images possible, more than any other digital camera. These images offer more lifelike images than a tradition digital SLR with a real 3D like quality, images that almost jump out the page at you.

This philosophy is in the heart of all Sigma digital cameras building the camera with its sensor at its heart. Match with any of their outstanding lenses you’ll be hard pushed to be disappointed with the results.

The current SD1 is their latest digital camera, evolving their design and the quality with each generation. As the leading independent manufacturer of lenses, the SD1 is in a unique position of having access to this huge range of lenses Sigma’s produced.

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