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Sigma Camera Lenses

camera lenses Sigma

Ever since its formation in Japan in 1962, Sigma Imaging have produced lenses of the highest optical quality. They now manufacture lenses not only for their own Sigma fit for their own cameras, but predominately produce lenses for other brands including Canon fit Sigma lenses, Nikon fit, Sony E-mount and Pentax K-mount.

Sigma lenses are known the world over for their sharpness, exceptional build quality and ease of use. With a range that includes both manual focus and autofocus lenses, Sigma make lenses covering nearly every use, for example wide-angle lenses for capturing expansive landscapes, standard lenses for events, weddings and everyday use, macro lenses for still life and close up details, and telephoto lenses for sports and wildlife.

Sigma’s philosophy is that a photo is only as good as the lens, so if you’re looking for a Sigma lens for your Canon camera, Nikon fit, Sony E-mount, Pentax K-mount, or a Sigma micro four thirds lens, Park Cameras have got a fantastic selection to meet your needs.

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