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Nikon Compact System Cameras

The Nikon One system offers several camera models offering interchangeable lenses and incorporating a 1" imaging sensor.

Small, fast and powerful, the Nikon One range all offer lightning fast AF speed and impressive image quality. All models also offer HD movies with continuous AF available.

The Nikon J4 and S2 are ideal everyday companions with their compact dimensions where the V3 offers DSLR type features and ultimate performance and control.

The unique AW1 offers a superb option for photographers looking to shoot underwater (down to 15M) as well as conventionally.

The lens range available for the Nikon One system includes a selection of zoom and prime lenses and using the FT1 adapter the majority of the Nikon SLR lens range can be used retaining AF and VR capability too and increasing the effective focal length by 2.7x - great for wildlife photography.