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Lowepro Rolling & Hard Cases

hard camera case Lowepro

Sometimes you need more than just a backpack for your camera equipment, sometimes you need to travel long distances through airports where taking your camera gear as carry-on on the airplane is needed, and sometimes you need a sleek, professional, discreet looking roller bag to transport your camera gear.

That’s where Lowepro’s range of Pro Roller, Photostream and Pro Runner rolling hard cases come in. These camera bags from Lowepro are designed to carry a significant quantity of camera gear in a professional and well designed package.

The Lowepro Pro Roller and Lowepro PhotoStream offer a sleek outside design, while the inside you’ll find Lowepro’s standard compartment system.

At Park Cameras, we not only stock the Lowepro roller hard cases but we also have the Lowepro Droneguard – a hard case to protect your Drone from damage during transport.

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