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Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras

medium format digital cameras Hasselblad

Hasselblad have forged a reputation over the last 75 years (it’s their 75th birthday this year) as one of the world’s greatest camera manufacturers, used by the greatest photographers in the world, and off it.

Hasselblad are world leaders in medium format cameras, and at Park Cameras we are proud to stock the Hasselblad X1D medium format digital camera and a range of lenses in the Hasselblad XCD series.

Launching this new mirrorless medium format camera range, Hasselblad have packed large sensors in a compact, stylish, portable form, enabling a more versatile range of photography for their users. Compatible with the range of compact Hasseblad XCD-mount lenses to ensure that both camera and lens are capable of extremely high quality image reproduction.

Find out more on our blog about Hasselblad joining Park Cameras.

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