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Billingham Shoulder Bags

shoulder camera bags Billingham

Billingham have been the premium maker quality, hand crafted in England, camera bags since 1973. They are popular the world over with professional photographers who value their usability, longevity and stylish design, especially the ever-popular Hadley Pro series including the Hadley Small and Hadley Digital, the 307-series, the 335-series, the 225-series, the 207-series, the fStop series for mirrorless cameras, the 107-series, the L2 DSLR camera bag, and the classic, original Billingham 550 series camera bag.

Billingham shoulder bags come in a range of models and are all available in a variety of material colours including Sage FibreNyte tan, Khaki Tan, Black and Black Tan, Black FibreNyte and Khaki FibreNyte. The unique characteristics of Billingham shoulder bags are shaped by their design and variety but come alive when they’re used for a lifetime. Billingham camera bags can be customised with a range of bag accessories including straps and shoulder pads.

Experience the difference in quality with a Billingham shoulder bag from Park Cameras – browse our extensive selection online or come into either our Burgess Hill store or our London photography shop where you can get hands on with them.

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