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GoPro are one of those brands whose product has become synonymous with their name. A GoPro is, at heart, an action camera. From the original to the current iterations, they have maintained their lead in the market by constantly and consistently developing and innovating new technologies.

Today’s GoPro cameras are small, waterproof, shoot up to 4K video, and come ready for an almost limitless selection of accessories, mounts, straps and harnesses.


So which GoPro should you buy?

Well, ultimately that is up to you. But you should consider what you need it for and what you might be using it for. The top of the range model, the GoPro Hero5 Black shoots 4K video, is waterproof up to 10m, captures 12 megapixel RAW images, and responds to voice control. Everyone from surfers to movie makers use the Hero5 Black because it’s so versatile.

The mid-range model is the GoPro Hero5 Session. This little video cube will also shoot 4K video, and is also waterproof up to 10m, but has a slightly reduced feature set compared with the Hero5 Black. However, the trade-off is the size – the Hero5 Session is a small cube and can fit almost anywhere.

The budget GoPro model is the Hero Session, and at sub-£200 it’s an absolute bargain for what you get. The GoPro Hero Session is a Full HD video recording, 8 megapixel still shooting, easy-one-button controllable action camera that is the same size as the Hero5 Session.

When it comes to choosing your GoPro, think about what you need it for and where your footage will be seen. If you need a waterproof action camera – go for the Hero5 Session or Hero5 Black, but if you just need HD video and need something that’s tiny, go for the Hero Session.

Alongside our range of GoPro action cameras, we also stock a huge range of accessories and mounts so you can really make the most out of your camera.

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