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Buyers Guide | TVs

Want to bring the cinema or arcade to your home? TVs from Park Cameras offer a variety of options to suit, with sizes from 19” to 64” and a whole host of exciting new features. Smart remotes, 3D picture, internet TV, and beautifully designed bodies, the TV is now more then just a box in the corner it’s a media device to bring the whole family together.

LCD, LED or Plasma
Are you a sports fan? Do you play computer games, or are you a fan of intricately lit Hollywood movies. Keen cinema fans should opt for the plasma TVs as they will offer smoother movement and improved gradation on colours. For those of you into sports or computer games LCD and LED offer high refresh rates and punchy colours. LED would be the preferred choice as it has a slim body design and the broadest range of colours thanks to selective luminance from the LED backlights.

There are three different TV resolutions, Standard Definition, High Definition Ready and Full High Definition, with resolutions of 640x480, 1440x720 & 1920x1080 respectively. The numbers relate to the number of pixels or dots on the screen, the more dots that are visible the more intricate detail can be seen. This becomes especially important on large size TVs as the lower pixel displays stretch their pixels to fill the display resulting in the ability to see each individual pixel.

3D TVs are available in LCD, LED and Plasma, relying on the footage being captured in “stereoscopic” format and requiring special glasses like those used in the cinema. Stereoscopic 3D is the process where the movie is filmed using cameras placed at two slightly differing angles to mimic the way that our eyes work. The image is then displayed on the screen sequentially from each angle and from here the glasses assist our eyes into syncing with the TV to stitch the pictures into one three dimensional object.

TVs hold a plethora of connections from the accepted Ariel antenna, Scart and now the latest standardised lead HDMI. HDMI, or High Definition Media Interface, is the connection that your Blu Ray player or HDD recorder will require, replacing the use of the Scart leads. Now most manufacturers included USB ports on their TVs allowing playback of images, video or music from your USB pen drive.

Smart TV
Samsung’s latest generation of TVs, Blu Ray player and HDD recorders have the built in feature of SMART TV. This is the inclusion of internet integration, using widgets for Skype video calls, YouTube, LoveFilm & iPlayer, alongside a basic web browser.

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