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Here at Park Cameras, we are very proud of our reputation, built up of 40 years excellent service to both the Sussex area and the whole of the UK.

But please don't just take our word for it, please read just a small selection of the comments and feedback we receive daily by e-mails, letters, phone calls and customers returning to our showrooms just to thank us. Many of our customers travel far and wide to our showroom because of the superb service and low prices they receive. In the past year alone customers have flown to England from France, Russia, Greece, South Africa and other places around the world specifically to visit our showrooms for products and services and then return home within a few days (We are located around 20 minutes from London Gatwick by car or by direct trains).

We are very proud of our staff and their excellent customer service skills and should you wish to send us your comments - positive or negative - then we will be very happy to hear from you. Of course, we do not claim to be perfect (although we do try our best!) but when things do go wrong in or out of our control then please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

At Park Cameras we value customer feedback very highly. Should you wish to express your views regarding our service, please e-mail us at and we shall post it here.

I'm just contacting you to say how helpful the service was when I came in on Saturday. I had a range of cameras I was interested in and the assistance from Alex was excellent. He spent well over two hours with us and gave us the opportunity to try different bodies and lenses. Anyway I've come away completely satisfied and even more happy now I've tried out the camera for a few days.

He is extremely knowledgeable and if I hadn't had his help I'm sure I would have ended up with the wrong camera for me.

Anonymous - 29/08/2013

Just a quick email to thank you all for the excellent service I've received.

I ordered a refurbished Nikon D7000 body on Monday April 15th after speaking to a very helpful lady who explained just what refurbised meant. The camera arrived on Tuesday 16th post free.

I realised that day that the monitor cover was missing so I 'phoned and spoke to Monique who said she would look into it and call back. As promised she did, telling me that you would try to find one for me. It arrived by first class post on Thursday 18th.

Thanks again for the excellent service.

Anonymous - 19/04/2013

My wife and I visited your showroom/store Thursday just gone, in the hope of having a look at some DSLRs.
I have used digital compact cameras since 2003 and enjoy composing some creative shots, but have always used the Auto mode.
I have recently spent several months looking online and learning about the exposure triangle etc. etc. and experimenting with our Sony DSC H10 bridge/superzoom camera, and since pushing into Manual mode I have achieved photos I once hoped to be able to capture, but felt would not be possible to me. Truly, controlling settings and creating the shot that I visualised in my mind has inspired me to take the plunge and learn a bit more about photography, but more importantly felt that investing in a DSLR was the path to take.

So after several months researching online and in magazines (quite a step to take and quite an investment for a relative novice), I narrowed my DSLR search down to the Nikon D5100 and the Nikon D7000.
We went to Park Cameras to have a look, but with the view that this was just to gather face to face advice and info, and get a hands-on feel of my two chosen cameras.
From the moment we walked into the store I got such a good feeling, and first impressions certainly did not disappoint.
Within a few minutes at the Nikon department, we were approached by your salesman/representative Neil Fairhead. He was very professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Usually I don't like staff coming over whilst I am trying to look due to experiences in other stores, where the pushy sale starts.
Neil was very relaxed and willing to talk me through my choices and look at my lists of lenses that I had compiled of what I was interested in. I appreceiated him saying that he could clearly see that I had done my research thoroughly, and that I had narrowed my search to the right two cameras - it did not feel like he was just humouring me to make a sale, and he agreed on several points I made regarding lenses and the cameras themselves, and also gave me good informative advice.

I really felt comfortable and able to take my time looking, handling the cameras, and discussing at great length the options, features, and photography in general. The whole time I had Neil's full attention with no hint of distraction or lack of interest - even after nearly an hour and forty five minutes in store!

I was quickly drawn to the D7000 with 18-105mm kit lens (in my mind I had decided prior to the visit that despite the jump in price the extra direct access to settings would be of benefit), and after handling both models (the D7000 for a good 90% of the time), he was happy to take me through some of the menus and show me a lot of the features, but without overwhelming me.
Crucially he did advise me not to purchase extra lenses at the time (if I did decide to buy that day), but to get used to the camera with the kit lens first - excellent advice as it turns out, and yet more proof of not wanting a big sale but that my interests/needs were the priority.

I was so impressed with the overall customer service, the knowledge, friendly chat, and the no pressure approach that I decided to purchase the D7000 kit, along with UV filter, SD card and camera/lens bag there and then.
Neil was even happy to show me some tripods after all that time, and set them up, explain their features etc. and point me in the right direction for future consideration.

Overall a fantastic experience, I was grinning all the way home with my D7000, even after spending a considerable amount of money prior to learning more about photography, and how to use a DSLR properly - and this has to be partly based upon the genuine interest and customer care of Park Cameras.
Even the few times I have phoned up in the past week with queries and aftersales support, your staff have always been very polite, courteous, helpful and professional, and Neil even phoned me back on the day stated when he was unavailable to deal with my requests at the time.

I will be sure to use Park Cameras again, and have already been telling my friends and family how great your customer service is - what an experience... other stores should take note.

Paul - 11/04/2013

Thank you for your kind reply. I have heard about your store's reputation and overall ratings via so many internet sources. Those are all really impressive and I thought they are exaggerating it. I'm sorry for that thought. Now I have realised that how good you are in customer service . Will definitely use park cameras in future and highly recommend to all my friends.

Anonymous - 25/01/2013

For many years I used a small camera shop (The Photo shop) in Gosport for all my photographic needs. The staff were always friendly and helpful, and only too happy to spend time explaining things and sharing their experience, or to let you handle and try equipment, even when you were not actually buying anything. Since they closed I have tried several shops, but have not found the same experiences or goodwill. In Park cameras, however, I think I have found a shop that really cares about its customers and staff whom one can trust. I wish you continued success, and am sure my missing two inks will arrive soon.

Yours sincerely

Paul Charlton - 28/12/2012

On Sunday afternoon we visited your shop to purchase a pair of binoculars. We were attended to by a young man called Stuart Grimwood (hope i have his name right) I wanted to write and say how lucky you are to have this lovely young man as an employee. He was so helpfull knowledgable and informative, nothing was too much trouble for him as I continued to try out one pair after another. I eventually bought the SWAROVSKI 10x42 . I do not believe we could have had any better service from anyone and it made the journey from Chelmsford even more worth while. Thank you Stuart.


Jen - 12/11/2012

I ordered a Lowepro 350 Camera bag(large) at lunchtime last Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday morning in the West Coast of Ireland! (Traditionally a half day behind the rest of the country)!

I much appreciate the speedy service even though I was not necessarily expecting it to come by the wk-end where I'm shooting on Sunday.

Regards & Thanks

Con O Doherty - 12/11/2012

I have been dealing with Park Cameras since the days of the 4040cz Olympus camera first came on the market and it was based at Haywards Heath. Since then I have upgraded to the Olympus 8080 wide zoom, then to the E510 and then to the E30 which I still have plus numerous Zuiko lens, all purchased from Park Cameras. In all my experience over the years dealing with your company, you have always treated me with respect, kindness and efficiency even to my most recent purchase the Lumix FS45.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Ron Binmore - 05/11/12

Many thanks for your "extra super service, advice, help and assistance when I called on Tuesday in connection with an enquiry for a Nikon D90 on behalf of my daughter Lucy, due home this wekend for a brief visit before setting off on a World trip as Deck/Divemaster on a very special Privatly owned super yacht.

Lucy has aked me to thank you for the propt delivery of the order, your advice and assitance in placing the order & the additional offer of the Nikon 16GB card all very much appreciated.

The order arrrived at around 1200hrs today, delivered by your efficiant courier City Link, considering we are way out in the country here in West Wales far form the hustle and bustle of the big city....your order securly packed and delivered in good time.

The enclosed pic shows your order : 1/2 hour after delivery, Lucy has already seen her purchase.....on the net....courtesy of Picassa! & a little studio work by yours truly!

I was most impressed by your ability to pick me up on your system.....having been reminded of a previous purchace a few years ago a nice touch.

I will certaily recomend your services to any clients, friends and people who from time to time request advice on equipment, where, what and how to purchase, its a minefield for some ou have the skills to clear the mines!

So once again Julie many thanks, the D90 is off on a big adventure, you should get a rathter tasty card from the Maldives december time!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous - 18/10/2012

I felt I had to write to tell you about how impressed I am with the level of customer service I have received at your store over the years.

I have been a Canon film slr user for many years however only switched to digital about 7 years ago when I was guided very knowledgeably by Stuart at your old store and in more recent years at the Burgess Hill warehouse store through purchases of Canon lenses and camera bodies, the final one being the 5D Mk2. The weight of that gear however has become a bit of a burden on long hikes over the Downs and the Lakes and finally I decided to take the plunge selling my gear to invest in one of the new mirrorless cameras which seem to have come of age...the Fuji Xpro-1.

This was a very difficult decision for me and I was very concerned regarding the switch in manufacturer let alone the change in type of camera. My concerns were however very much eased in my dealings with Andy West at your store. He came across as extremely knowledgable about the Fuji range, answering all of my questions well and if he didn't know the answer he was more than willing to go and find out for me. He was extremely patient as I spent over an hour handling a demo model and was not at all pushy - to be honest he came across as the type of salesman I could trust which for me goes a long way when I'm making a decision to spend that sort of amount of money!!

Since buying the camera Andy dealt with my only query extremely efficiently and I would not hesitate to recommend him and your store to anyone seeking to purchase Fuji or any other camera equipment for that matter.

Kind regards,

L.G, St Leonards on Sea - 15/10/2012

I sent an email with concerns of delivery not to long ago.

I just wish to confirm at the same day i received your email about delivery times i received the purchased items.

Thank you for a prompt services of delivery also a great and quick customer response rate.

I will be shopping with you again.

Anonymous - 27/09/2012

Just received my order and am very pleased with the product. Thank Julie for her pleasant attitude and good service.

Mr P Ferneyhough - 14/09/012

Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly. I'm delighted with my new camera and I would like to say thank you to you and your colleagues at Park Cameras for the excellent service I've received.

Best wishes,

James Hoskins - 05/09/2012

Just a belated note to thank you very much for the training session on Saturday. It was very uplifting to finally understand the basics of my camera, which I have had (in some form or other) for the last 10 years! You aimed the session just at the right level for me, made it very easy to understand and remember the information, and were very patient with my questions. Your course was recommended to me by a friend, and I will certainly be passing on your details to other friends. I may well also book in to see you again next time that I am near Brighton.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Anonymous - 17/08/2012


I’ve always tried to shop locally for camera and other electronic stuff despite being a committed internet shopper. I recently bought a camera body in Leeds (nearest city) as the shop assistant was informative and amazingly helpful. However, when I went to pick up the ‘camera body’ (which I’d ordered as it wasn’t in stock) another assistant seemed determined to sell me any lenses regardless of my needs. I thought I ought to try elsewhere but didn’t know where to start.

I clicked on a link from and there you were.... Poor Chris suffered from my muddled thinking on Tuesday, I ordered two lenses on Wednesday and, despite being miles from anywhere in Yorkshire, the lenses arrived today.

Fantastic service. I have forwarded your details to chums so you may suffer other calls .....

Many, many thanks.

Anonymous - 17/08/2012

I bought a Plustek scanner through you: excellent product, great delivery & terrific service from you, many thanks!

Terry Beasley - 09/08/2012

On Wednesday morning I used your Telephone sales line to order a Plustek Opticfilm 8200Ai Film Scanner.

Just to compliment everyone that it arrived before 9am yesterday (Thursday) and in perfect condition.

Please ensure that everyone involved with this order is thanked for the wonderful service (as always!).

Kind regards and many thanks.

Tony Sweatman - 09/08/2012

that is absolutely brilliant thank you so much for all your kind help and support once i get used to the camera going to purchase the stm lens for it so i will be back to purchase that. Once again i cannot thank you enough for all your help its not often companies are willing to go of their way to help but your customer service has been outstanding.

Many thanks,

Julie Bell - 31/07/2012

I ordered a Canon Legria M56 camcorder just before 4.30pm yesterday - it arrived before noon today!! That's what I call great service - your prices are also some of the best I've seen on the net from a UK dealer. I haven't had time to test it out yet but if its' anything like the last Canon camcorder I had I'm sure it will be fine. I'll certainly be checking you out again should I need anything else.

Kind regards,

Linden Stead - 24/07/2012

We are writing to thank you for your prompt delivery of the above received this morning – to say we only ordered it yesterday afternoon I would say that was excellent service.

Marilyn Musson - 19/07/2012

I just wanted to say a quick 'thank you' for dispatching the Lowepro Streamline 100 red bag to me so quickly, just as promised.

I was delighted that the bag was delivered the very next afternoon (yesterday). I look forward to receiving my second item, the Panasonic 52mm lens cap as soon as it is back in stock.

Janet Mercer - 22/06/2012

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery and your attractive pricing.

Wish I had dealt with you before.


John Mair - 15/06/2012

Could you please pass on my grateful thanks to the salesman that guided me through how to recover nearly 1,000 pictures from a corrupted SDHC memory card. Could you let him know that I recovered them all! He also went out of his way to get me a polarising filter for the best price His salesman code on my invoice was 007

Many Thanks

Roy - 15/06/2012

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for my latest order.

I took delivery of a Nikon 85mm AF-S f/1.8G yesterday and I am delighted with it.

In addition to that you very kindly upgraded my delivery to Next Day without charging me any extra.

Superb service - I will certainly consider you for future orders.

Kind regards

Gareth Melton - 23/05/2012

Just wanted to say thank you. Received my tripod today, Tuesday. Only ordered on Sunday afternoon, fantastic service. Brilliant product. THANK YOU. Will shop with you again and recommend you to everyone who will listen!

Irene Cooper - 01/05/2012

I don’t normally write emails such as these but after recently buying a 5D and L-Series lens and having to return to you a faulty Hoya filter (Hoya’s fault, not yours!) I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the level of service from you guys.

Being informed of when the filter had reached you and when the replacement was being sent out, and indeed when the 5D was to be dispatched was all really appreciated.

I will certainly be recommending you to anyone else intending to purchase camera equipment online!

Kind regards,
Ben Wright

Just a short note to say thanks you for another excellent shopping experience.

A thank you to Amy for her help in suggesting a tripod, checking availability and delivery to the requested address.



I just wanted to write and say that you have a great employee in Stuart. He helped my wife today decided about which camera she should buy. He was clear, logical and spoke at our level so that we understood what he was saying. Usually when dealing with sales people in a world that requires things of technicality the sales person makes you more confused by the time they have finished.

So thank you Stuart, you deserve a pay raise!

Simon and Fiona - 19/02/2012

On Thursday, last week, I wished to purchase some items and telephoned your shop. Your staff were most helpful and went to great lengths to ensure the HDMI cable would have the correct connections and that the filter was the one that I needed. As a pensioner I am most grateful for their help and courtesy.

I shall soon be moving to Horsham and a visit to your shop will then be on my list. Please convey my thanks to your excellent staff. You have aquired a new customer.

Richard Smithers - 29/01/2012

Dear Julie,

Good news,  Nikon have already registered the D3s to my Nikon Account, I emailed them on Thursday evening and by 4pm on Friday it was all done.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and to let you know i am delighted with the service i have received from you.

Best Regards

Roy Carré - 28/01/2012

Good morning Sarah.   Many thanks for your informative email about the miniature HDMI cable. I have been on to the link you kindly gave, and the item is now on order and I hope to get it in the next day or two.

I am delighted with Park Camera's service, and will certainly continue to deal with you.

John Tuke - 26/01/2012

I have always had a good experience with Park Cameras, most recently through Amy and Nick.

I thought to publish my experience with PK on a camera forum - a place where you can easily lose brain cells but they have their uses.

Link below

Bill (William) Crean - 25/01/2012

I would like to congratulate you on the level of service. Your sales team stayed on the phone and resolved the issue in one go, rather than drag the resolution over several days and multiple calls.

The scope was delivered first thing the following day - why don't you have a go at running the railways?

William Cox - 08/12/2011

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and advice yesterday.

I placed my order late yesterday, changed my mind, added something to the order a few minutes later and it still arrived today as you promised.

I half expected it not to because I messed you around late in the day and I’m sorry for that.

Anyway, it has just arrived – beautifully wrapped, packed and presented and I am one very happy customer.

Have a good weekend everyone – I’ll be singing your praises in the local camera club.

Barry Fryer - 28/10/2011

CONGRATULATIONS!  you are unique, you are brilliant, you are out on your own.

I have dealt with firms of every conceivable nature and have found without exception they are awkward and hard work when trying to get a problem solved.
With Park Cameras I have found completely the opposite.  On Monday 12th September I rang and advised the young man on the other end of the phone that I had a problem with the 5D M11 I had recently purchased from your good selves.  He asked about the problem and gave me his view of what he thought the problem was and asked me to send it back.  I returned the camera the same day expecting it to be some time, perhaps weeks before I saw it again.  On Wednesday the 14th I had a card put through my letterbox saying City Link had tried to deliver a parcel and they would try again tomorrow (Thursday) Today they have delivered to my absolute surprise disbelief and pleasure, my beloved 5D11, repaired and ready for work.

To receive a camera for repair, do the job and post it off the same day is remarkable in this day and age.  I cannot thank you enough, you will be my first port of call for any further gear I require as I  have the knowledge you respect your customers and will do all in your power to put any problem right.


Regards and Thanks

Neil Robertson

I have just received the set of inks for my Epson 3880 printer as you promised.

I just wanted to say thank you for the service provided by both yourself and Epson.

Obviously when you buy new equipment you hope that it will provide good service without any faults, but being realistic these things can happen, and I have to say that I have been very impressed with the service engineer from Epson and yourself in the way you both dealt with the issue and the speed with which the problem has been resolved.

Thank you again, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Park Cameras to fellow photographers!

Best wishes

Gerry Coles - 09/08/2011

Great Service.

I ordered a Nikon 200-400mm lens from you last Wednesday paying a little extra for delivery before 10.30 am the following day and it arrived at 10.10 am. 

The parcel was so well wrapped nothing could have happened to it.

I'll certainly use you again and would recommend Park Cameras to anyone.


Allen Coulson - 06/06/2011

Have been in to collect the photos today.  Excellent service, excellent quality, very many thanks.  Will certainly use again and recommend.

Marion Rippin - 26/05/2011

Just bought an Epson printer from your mail order and I must say the service was fantastic!!

Bob Eade - 10/03/2011

Awesome Service!!!
My package arrived this morning!!
Will defo be purchasing from you again in the future.
Very best regards,
Chris Errington - 24/02/2011

I have just purchased and now taken delivery of a Panasonic 7-14mm Lens and would like to thank you for your superb service, my order was dealt with very efficiently, it was order yesterday afternoon and I had my grubby little hands on it today.!!

I will without doubt be dealing with you on any future purchases.

Kind regards,
John Ingrouille - 08/02/2011

Congratulations, and based upon my experience, a well deserved award.

Your staff always gone that bit further to offer me excellent help and advice on the products that you sell. 

Please add my vote to those who read What Digital Camera.

Keep up the good work.


Paul Stroud - 22/01/2011

This is just a quick note of thanks to your brilliant customer service team.  I made a mistake ordering the wrong lenses for my new Canon 5D and you're excellent sales representatives took a note then refunded me the full price of the lens when I returned the unopened package.  

Unfortunately I also ordered from a company called Camerabox.  I regret not using your company for all my new equipment now and didn't realise how much of an arse some companies can be, I even have had to go to trading standards.  Very boring.

It is my intention to buy a further collection of lenses for my 5D and I will be using Park cameras, each and every time I buy more equipment.  Thank you for your excellent service and I look forward to buying more gear from you.

Kind Regards

Matt Milloy - 22/11/2010

I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the way in which your professional company is being run, after ordering a new lens online. 
It was nice to get an email to say the lens had been dispatched, and that it was scheduled to arrive by 17.30 the following day, which it did, excellent.
I would definitely recommend Park Cameras to my family and friends.

Chris Stephens - 18/11/2010

I'm writing to say thank you for the superb service I have recently received from you.

I ordered a camera on-line on Tues at 2.00pm and it arrived at 1.00pm the next day, what more could anyone ask. Prior to placing the order I had a query about the type of SD card I needed so I rang your sales department and the lady I spoke to was extremely helpful and courteous.

Keep up the good work, I'll be pleased to do business with you again

Bill Mitchell  - 06/11/2010

After a number of telephones calls last week, Brian (with the beard) very kindly went through the shelves, searching for the serial numbers to a specific camera I was looking for. Found one & put it aside for me.

I came down to the shop on my first ever visit, a Sunday morning. Brain was a bit tied up with someone and I dealt with Matt who I could not fault.  He went out of his way, and some, to ensure the camera did what I wanted it to do.

I'm a professional photographer of 25 years, and Park Cameras reminded me of how a well known prostore in central used be about 20 years ago before selling out - service second to none that turned into a Saturday morning photographer's meet, with a pint after they closed at 12 noon.

I'm based in SW London and will certainly be visiting again.

Kind regards

David Preutz - 24/10/2010

We visited your store today to purchase several items and ended up spending £7815.92 on a Canon XF300 HD Camcorder, an EOS 7D body with a 150-500 Sigma zoom lens, a Lowepro bag, a Panasonic DMC-FS10 camera and other smaller items.

We were helped by a very friendly young lady called Karen. Obviously because we were spending such a large amount of money we did think about it for a while and did tend to dither. At all times Karen was polite, attentive and very helpful. She is a credit to your business.

I know margins on electrical and techy products are not very high so we are very grateful for the £53 pound discount you gave us on our purchase.

Thank very much for making a difficult, money wise, purchase that much easier, and I look forward to visiting you again. (Once I have paid the bill J ).  Please could you pass this on to Karen as I would like her to know how we feel as people are more ready to complain than praise.

Yours sincerely

Andy and Carol Mitchell - 23/10/2010

I would like to thank you for your usual professional speedy service.  I ordered a Nikon SB900 Flashgun yesterday afternoon and took delivery today, excellent.  Thanks guys, you really are terrific, I don't know how you can delivery items so quickly, I'm in Cumbria and you're in Sussex but hey thanks!

All I need do now is add another manual to my "read list", aahh!!

Have a nice weekend and cheers.

Phil Johnson - 08/10/2010

FAO Paul and the Ladies in the Sales team,

Thank you for exchanging my tripod head and sending the adaptor.  I was very impressed with the advice and speedy service I received during my several phone calls.

I will have no hesitation in purchasing from you in the future and recommending you to friends.

Kind regards,
Liz Lonsdale - 03/10/2010

I would like to you know I have now received my Macro Lens and I am delighted with it!  Thank you for your brilliant customer service and I shall return to you in the near future for further items!

Best wishes
Clair Harvey - 29/09/2010

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to put on record that your handling of this has been fantastic and you are a credit to your company!

Many thanks for your assistance and I would not hesitate to recommend your fantastic company. I will do a little bit of homework on what camcorder I will choose and then probably give you a call.

Once again many thanks

Kind regards

Simon Bernstein - 25/09/2010

Thanks so much for your excellent service this evening.

A nice new Spyder is heading for Thailand tomorrow.

Its such a pleasure to find the very best in everything just round the corner from my house and an experience that people travel half way round the world to experience.

Chris Cook - 24/09/2010


My order arrived today Sept 23rd. Marvellous service - well done!!

John Burrows - 23/09/2010


I would just like to express my thanks for the help I received this morning following my telephone query regarding setting up the Pixma iP 4850. The printer is fully functioning after connecting to the mains power and switching on to centre the print head carriage for installing the print head.I would say this not covered in the very brief pictorial slip that constitutes the Canon instructions! I appreciated the courtesy of the young lady who dealt with my call.

Ron Raven - 23/09/2010

The Nikon D50 (USED) arrived today as promised. It is in better condition than I expected!

Very pleased. Thank you

Chris Holloway - 09/09/2010


I came into your branch last week to buy a macro nikon lens. I was served by Stuart and would just like my appreciation to be known to your store manager. Stuart was so extemely helpful and explained everything I needed to know , showed me a variety of lenses but most of all wasn't in a hurry to make a sale! He also told me of a nikon offer that was available with cameras. I actually had no intention of buying a new camera but went back the next day to take advantage of the offer and ended up buying a nikon d90 body as well as the lens.

Please pass on my comments, I was recommended by a work colleague and have recommended park cameras to my other colleagues.

Many thanks,
Joan Turnbull - 02/09/2010

Dear Sir,

As it is usual to complain about bad service I thought I would make a change and compliment you on the wonderful service I received from you.

After much consideration I decided to update my camera system and buy a Nikon D90 body. Contacting a major camera store I was surprised by their total lack of help or interest, go to Milton Keynes if you want one was their responce. I rang Park Cameras late Tuesday afternoon and was pleased by the helpfullness of the assistant and amazed at the price of the body. I was told the camera would arrive the next day and sure enough at 10.30am it duly arrived.

Many thanks for great service

Dave Smith
High Wycombe - 27/08/2010

Dear Nick

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your advice and excellent service.

We now have a working studio at our head office. All the equipment you provided us with is nothing short of excellent.

Yours sincerely

Richard Downey - 18/08/2010

I recently purchased a Macro lens from your company and would like to express my thanks for the prompt and polite service that I was given.

It is a pleasure in this day and age to obtain such a service and I can assure you that I will be using your company again for camera products when required.

David Whiteside - 13/08/2010

Ref my battery pack, it arrived this morning in perfect condition, great service great price.


Ralph Dickinson - 12/08/2010

Thank you! My camera arrived on Monday as promised. I have filled in the enclosed form and sent it off and I just wanted to make it known to you how superb your telephone customer service ladies were. They were very knowledgeable, to the point and polite. I have highly recommended you to my friends.

I have not yet had chance to put the 7D through it's paces but the weekend is approaching and it will get a good playing with then.

Thank you all again for making this purchase a quick easy and pleasant experience.

All the best.

Daz. - 11/08/2010

Hi Sam,
Just wanted to say thank you for all your help, great customer services!!, Will call you again if I ever need anything!
Kez - 11/08/2010

Dear Sertac,

Thank you for your assistance yesterday regarding our purchase of the Canon G11 camera. Indeed your help and professionalism has helped me to decide to use your company rather than pixmania.

Ireland - 31/07/2009

I asked Sertac who his manager was because I wanted to pass on my enormous gratitude and thanks for the way he has dealt with what has been a virtually insoluble problem over several months regarding my piece of high end Canon Kit.

In my experience face with such intractable problems both individuals and businesses usually look for the easy way out – Park Cameras and Sertac have restored my faith in great service.

Please do thank him and thanks to Park Cameras.

Cambridge Jones - 17/07/2010

I'd just like to thank the sales team for the excellent service they have provided. The camera was out of stock when I ordered it and I was contacted the next day to inform me and to ask if I still wanted the product. I was then contacted again once the camera was in stock to confirm payment and delivery.

I am impressed by the service you provided which has not been my experience with some other dealers. Your communication and service delivery has been excellent. I would certainly buy from you again and would recommend your service to others.

Once again thanks.


Paul Grimwood - 11/07/2010

Many thanks for dealing with my order for a SIGMA f1.4 EX DG 50mm lens (Sony fit), so quickly and efficiently. I ordered this item from you on the 5th and received delivery the very next day. I shall certainly be letting my friends know that Park Cameras should be their first stop, when ordering anything photographic.

Best Wishes,

Mike Kelly - 07/07/2010

Hi Noel,

Thank-you, problem solved, re-delivered this morning before I left for work. Shall be playing tonight.

Please pass on my most sincere appreciation to Sertac and Kate both of whom were involved over a period of time when the camera etc. were out of stock. A positive aura of professionalism has exuded from all my dealings with Park Cameras and it would be remiss of me not to avail of the opportunity to acknowledge the attention to detail and care so abundantly lavished on a potential customer. It was particularly gratifying to converse with those with an easily understood accent and good working knowledge of my language regardless of where they may have originated from. Sadly lacking with others I had approached to order these items.

It shall be using Park Cameras for me in the future and I won't hesitate to recommend you to others with confidence. If you have a "platform" from which I may "sing" your praises and would wish me to use it, then please refer me to such.

Thanks again most sincerely for retaining my details and noting my interest, prompt contact when items were again available and rapid delivery.
Refreshingly professional, we will deal again.

Appreciatively yours;

Dessie Ross - 06/07/2010

Hi Chaps, thanks for your help with the above lens which you sent back to me. It arrived last saturday, a little later than we expected but there have been some problems as we all know. The lens is much better, although there is still some movement i expect it for the price paid, the important thing is that optically it is excellent, far better than my 75-300mm Canon (non-IS). The review in Photo Plus magazine was 100% accurate and one of the reasons i bought it from yourselves was your booklet that came with the Xmas edition. Your service has been excellent in every way and if you wish to use this e mail in this respect feel free. I have attached a couple fo photos i took with the lens, one at our match on Sunday, the other at the F1 testing in Valencia, i am really pleased with them. My 20D may be 'getting on' but is still a great camera. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Matthew Bell - 22/04/2010

Dear Sir,

On Saturday I visited Park Cameras in order to research and possibly buy a digital camera.
The service I received was outstanding and I did want to thank the assistant…..who I believe was called Guy……for his patience (on quite a busy morning) and expertise in helping me choose my camera……a Sony HX5.
Both my husband and I were very impressed with his help and approach and I am sure that I will enjoy and hopefully (!!) get good results from my new camera!

With thanks again,

Liz Samuels - 05/04/2010

Many thanks for completion of this order - second consignment arrived today.

Was impressed by the service and your contacts by phone.

Thanks again: pleased all round! Will certainly recommend!


Jeremy Roberts - 23/03/2010

Thank you very much for your speedy delivery of my spotting scope, ordered on a Friday at 4.45pm and told that it would be packed on Monday morning and the delivered on the Tuesday. What a service !; the package arrived on time, well packed in protective wrapping, full instructions and priced well below any other internet store. I will certainly be recommending you to friends and family. Thank you once again for an excellent service.

Robert Parsons - 22/03/2010

Dear Park Cameras

I just felt that I needed to drop you a line to thank you for the outstanding service which I recieved. Not only are you extremely competitive, but your service is first class and I will use you again and recommend you without hesitation. I placed an order on Thursday late evening, by 10:00 the next day I had recieved confimation, Zoe, even phoning me to confirm that the camera was black (I had asked this is the additional comment box online). Payment was taken and then I recieved a text on Monday saying that the package would be with me between 10:11 and 11:11, further adding that if this was not convient I could change it by texting them back. Why don't all postal services do this? The package arrived on time as promised, well packaged and as ordered. Many thanks.

What more do you really want from a company: Great website, great prices, great staff and they even use a decent courier.

Many many thanks

Mr N Twelves - a VERY satisfied customer

Mr Twelves - 08/03/2010

I was in the store today with a focusing problem for a Canon 5D MkII. Your man Stuart gave me a lot of time and attention but we were not certain the problem was resolved. He recommended a Firmware update or re-download. He recorded my problems on your records for use if the camera had to be sent to Canon repairers. The new firmware has resolved the problem so I would like to tell him that his diagnosis was correct, his expertise impeccable and service exemplary - and all I bought was CF Card albeit an expensive one.

Many Thanks

John Bonell - 08/03/2010

As a first time customer of Park Cameras I would wish to congratulate you on your speedy and efficient service. Ordered Nikon camera case Mon.01/02/2010, received correct goods the following day at 11.30 am. Difficult to expect or receive better customer service.
Many Thanks
Another satisfied customer!

Davette - 02/02/2010

Thank you for your next day delivery. We always appreciate good service.

We will definitely be ordering from you again.


Prevesh - 27/01/2010

Thanks very much.
Camera arrived at lunchtime on the 14th.
Fantastic service!

Simon Weeden - 17/01/2010

I ordered a lens from you on the phone yesterday afternoon and was astonished to receive it mid-morning today. This is a record in my experience so VERY WELL DONE- and KEEP IT UP!

Peter Oldridge - 31/12/2009

Good Evening,
I just wish to say how pleased i am with your service, as you are probably aware after my initial enquiry below i phoned to purchase the item on 10th dec and as promised i have received it today(11th dec). Thankyou for a very efficient service and will definetly be looking to purchase from you again, keep up the good work because service such as yours is quite rare speaking from my own experiences.
Thankyou again
Best Regards,

Ray - 11/12/2009

I would just like to say that i have had two dealings with Park Cameras and the service has been excellent. I wish more companies were like you.

Diana Dewberry - 10/12/2009

Dear Sirs

On the 21 November, 2009, I mailed in a request, to find if you did part exchange on cameras. I was duly replied to on that same day. It also gave me information as to the part exchange prices that I would get, subject to inspection. This was most helpful. 
I did think I would be unable to visit your showroom for over a week, due to hospital appointments, and sent a mail to you accordingly. I received a response from, Sara, on the 23rd.

As it transpired I was able to attend your showroom on the 23rd. And a very nice place it is. You were extremely busy, as perhaps you may expect, this time of year. I was served by, Matt, I think his surname was GROSSE. How lucky I was. Not only did he have to check the equipment I was part exchanging, but show me all the different cameras and lenses that I was interested in, from your website. I must have seemed like the, "customer from hell". Not a bit to Matt. He diligently showed me all the items and aided me with rights and wrongs of my ideas, or guided me to think more carefully about what I was trying to achieve.  My wife and sister in law ( over from Australia), were with me. They wanted to get a coffee as things were taking time. Matt even printed a map for them, so they new where to go. We don't come from the area.  Then carried on aiding me. I eventually made up my mind about what I wanted and completed the purchase and part exchange.

The service from Matt, and Park Cameras was amazing, above and beyond. My sister in law even commented on the brilliant customer service given and shown. The Australians expect a high level of customer service, she was really impressed.
So a very big, THANK YOU, to all at Park Cameras and especially Matt.

Yours Gratefully
Nigel Branchett - 06/12/2009


That's some speedy service you operate with. I ordered a Canon 7D, Grip, Battery and memory card at 15:00hrs on Monday 16th and took receipt of it all at 09:00hrs Tuesday 17th. Free delivery and a very competitive price. Well done.


Paul C -19/11/2009

Dear Team,

The Olympus FE-5000 was delivered this morning at 10.30 on the dot. The battery has been charged and the camera, which looks very good, has been set up and is ready to go, beginning with an outing to Ascot racecourse tomorrow afternoon. Long may there be many more similar excursions and many more photos!

Many thanks for your very prompt service.

Good luck and best regards,

Tony Jones - 09/10/2009

Dear Sirs,

A line to say how pleased and impressed I am with PhotoSmart P60 (recently efficiently supplied by in Sussex).

I have been pleased with the scans it has made of my 1950s B & W pictures as well as more recent colour prints. I had also found from your Support pages that there is a new software version where the resolution options are now increased to 600 dpi.

Regards, David Sixsmith - 06/10/2009

Dear Sirs,

I visited your store in Burgess Hill this morning on the recomendation of my brother, who lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. As someone who enjoys photography but does not claim to be an expert I wanted to deal with someone face-to-face rather than take pot luck over the internet. On arrival I was quite daunted by the selection available for my Canon camera but your sales assistant, Sara Ingram, could not have been more helpful. Even though the store was busy she spent over an hour with me, explaining about lenses, etc, allowing me to try a number of different lenses on my own camera. When she was stuck for an answer she didn't waffle (I wouldn't have known if she was spinning a line or not anyway) but she happily disappeared and asked her colleagues to help, and made at least two trips to arrange for things to be brought out of the stock room. To be honest it was a pleasure to part with my money, as the buying experience was second to none and Sara and her colleagues are a credit to your business. It was well worth the effort to drive from north Kent to the shop.

Sorry if I have gone on a bit here but I genuinely believe that good, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service should be acknowledged.

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Jones - 05/10/2009

I have already been into your store on Friday afternoon and brought a 10-24mm nikon lens. I got some guidance from one of your team no. 6? this is taken from the till receipt. Please say a big thanks to him, he gave me lots of advice and support. I am very happy with my purchase and hopefully my husband will be too!

It sounds like there might be a christmas present in the making too

Much Appreciated - Jean - 04/10/2009

I phoned your sales line on Tuesday afternoon and ordered a Panasonic Lumix G1 with the two lenses. The very helpful salesman took the order, checked that the goods were in stock and assured me that as I live in Jersey the price would be less VAT.

The following morning at about 10:00 am the parcel was delivered.

So a big thank you for such speedy service at a price that can’t be beaten!

Kind Regards

Roger Crick - 01/10/2009

I would just like to say how impressed I was with the service I received from Zoe. I found Zoe to be helpful, informative and friendly.

I am also highly impressed with the speed that I received delivery of my order, ordered on Monday 14.30hrs and received on Tuesday.

I will have no reservations about recommending Park Cameras to my friends and work colleagues.

Thank you for excellent service.

Kind regards - John Elphick - 30/09/2009

Thank you folks. Once again perfect service. Ordered yesterday, delivered today. Undamaged having been well packed, and exactly what I ordered. What more could I want?


Simon - 15/09/2009

Hi Park Camera’s
The LX3 got delivered yesterday. Can I just say thank you for a speedy service and your responsiveness to my questions before the sale – If you need anyone to fill in any feedback forms please let me know and you’ll get top marks from me :)

Best Regards
Andy - 15/09/2009

I have tried for the past two weeks to purchase a Pentax Optio M60 camera and on three occasions (on the internet) having paid immediately via PayPal have had emails several days later advising me that the camera was no longer available. I was desperate as this was a birthday present for Saturday 22nd August 2009.

I found the camera on your website around midnight and phoned this morning and spoke to Sertac to see if it was still available. After I had bored him with my story as detailed above, he very kindly checked with your shop to find me not only the camera but a leather case to suit and an additional memory card. Added to all this he has arranged next day delivery free of charge (company policy I know, but uncommon these days).

I cannot thank Sertac enough for the service that you have provided and I will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future.

Linda Harris - 20/08/2009

I would like to give some feedback on the excellent service provided when I visited your shop on Saturady (8th August 2009). This was my first vist and I was impressed by the whole set up. It is not often that products are displayed so well and such a variety is on display. Last time I was able to view so many items was at the in focus exhibition (NEC).

However, the main reason for e-mailing was to compliment your sales assistant who served me on the day. His knowledge of the product (Lowepro 600 AW lens rucksack) was excellent and his advice on whether my Sigma 800MM lens would fit with a body on was spot on. I knew the lens would fit but wasn't sure whether it would with a camera body on. He said it thought it would and it does!

I was also interested (but not expecting to purchase on the day) a Sigma macro lens. My problem was knowing which focal length to buy (70mm or 105mm). Once again he discussed what my main use was going to be then advised (his opinion) on what he thought would be the most suitable length. Following this I decided to purchase on the day and having now tried the lens his advice and opinion was spot on.

I would appreciate it if you would note this and thank him for his help. I didn't get his full name but the receipt shows "Andy F" and I believe he has been with your company for 3-months approx.

I shall certainly be using your Company again for future purchases, as whilst I live in Midlesex it was worth the journey to get great service. Thank You.

Mike Kendall - 12/08/2009

I am writing this email to thankyou for the prompt service you gave me.

I ordered a S2000HD finepix camera from you at about 3.30 on 4th Aug, and I received it today 5th Aug. This camera was on order from another company. I have waited 5 weeks for it and still no sign of it coming, so I cancelled the order and placed it with your company and I had to wait less than 24 hours

Excellent job, I know where I will coming in the future when I need more camera equipment

Thank you very much

Bryan Lockwood - 05/08/2009


I would like to thank everyone at park cameras for the fantastic service I have received this week when placing my order with you. This was my first order with park cameras and also my first purchase of an upgrade to my trusty compact camera. Naturally, I was slightly nervous placing such a large order online, but I needn't have worried.

I did ring and speak to an advisor last week, enquiring about the camera I was considering purchasing. Unfortunately, I didn't note the name of the man who helped me, but his knowledge and enthusiasm was exceptional. He was able to explain to me all about the camera, the Panasonic Lumix G1, and this was probably the deciding factor in my decision to purchase the camera, and purchase the camera from your company.

I placed my order via your website on Thursday afternoon, and was delighted when the courier arrived on Friday afternoon, only 24 hours later. I found your website easy to use, with plenty of information and clear pictures of the items I looked at. There was also lots of additional information about photography, cameras and available accessories.

I am a frequent internet shopper, but can honestly say that this has been one of my best buying experiences. I would not hesitate to reccommend you to anyone and will definitely look to buy from you in the future. Apart from your dedicated staff, speedy service and great website, I believe that I managed to buy my camera for the lowest20price around. I did research into prices and availability of the camera with the twin lens kit, and found that your website was selling the camera for £10 less than anywhere else - and the other site didn't have the camera and twin lens kit in stock!

Finally, having been asked to provide proof of identity and address, reassured me that as a business, you are doing all you can to combat internet fraud. For a website that sells items of high value, this can only be a good thing.

I am a firm believer in credit where credit's due, and will hope that you will pass on my thanks to all of the staff involved. I am incredibly grateful for the service I have received.

Thank you,

Miss Emma Matthews - 18/07/2009

Dear Sirs

I am writing to you to comment on a visit that I made to your “new” premises on 11.07.09. I had not visited you at your new location before, but had visited your old shop in Burgess Hill and been impressed by the service there.

When I arrived at your new branch on a wet Saturday afternoon, I got the last parking space in the car park, and you were clearly very busy. Upon entering the shop I was stunned by the range of photographic equipment on display – much of it not in display cabinets, but out where it could be played with! I cannot remember ever seeing a camera shop with such a breadth, and depth of stock, including all the hard to find “bits and bobs”, as well as the pro spec equipment, not just the entry level equipment which seems to be all that your high street competitors keep in stock.

Despite it being so busy, I was approached by a member of staff within 30 seconds of arriving and he was not only helpful but knowledgeable (such a rarity in camera shops these days as I have become used to the teenagers in Jessops who know little or nothing about what they are selling and are clearly unenthusiastic about what they do). Also, while he went off to get me a lens that I was interested in, another member of staff approached me and asked if I needed assistance!! This makes such a refreshing change to your competitors who often seem to have only one or two harassed members of staff on at any given time, especially at weekends.

Not only did you have what I wanted in stock (a Nikon 70-300mm ED VR lens), but I also bought a camera case, flash & filter that I had not planned to buy, but because you had them in stock, on display, and the sales assistant knew enough about them to discuss my queries about these items I was tempted and bought them!

Despite the fact that I could have bought the lens £20 cheaper in Argos, and on line, I came to you with the intention of buying it as I believe in supporting local (I live in Reigate, Surrey – other than Jessops branches you are my most local camera shop) independent businesses, primarily for the reasons above: better stockholding, locality, staff knowledge and because I am pleased to see independent camera shops such as yourselves thriving as I believe that that is ultimately better for me as an enthusiast in terms of competition between dealers, support and stock availability.

I am now a confirmed Park Cameras fan, and have already enthusiastically recommended you to everyone that I know who has an interest in photography! I shall definitely be visiting you again!


Simon Trenerry - 16/07/2009

thank you very much for the very efficient and profesional manner in which you dealt with my order. I received my new sigma lens in a very speedy delivery 24hours after placing my order. I have already tried my new lens out and am really pleased with it. I also have to commend you very highly for the way my article was very securely and safely packed I will most certainly be using your services again
thank you

R Currie. - 08/07/2009


I had to let you know that my Lumix FZ28 arrived at 8:30am today.
You took my order mid morning yesterday! ( I was just hoping to receive it by this week-end!) Fantastic service by you and Royal Mail.
One of the things that really annoy many of us in Northern Ireland (part of the UK) is that so many retailers on the Mainland advertise FREE Delivery in UK, when they really mean GB or even just England and Wales. They could use Royal Mail just like you did, and probably do a lot more business over here as a result.
I accept that Courier services are probably cheaper than Royal Mail but at least Royal Mail dont charge any more for delivering to N Ireland.

Well done Park Cameras, for treating us in NI to sensible delivery charges.

Frank Jackson - 30/06/2009


I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the free session this last weekend. I really enjoyed attending and not only did I learn a lot, I also realise the importance of colour mangement and will probably come by shortly to purchase one of the tools Peter Lovelock recommended!

I hope your one year anniversary went well - it certainly seemed very busy when I came in.

Kind regards
Annah - 15/06/2009

Nikon D700 course

I thought the course was excellent and it has made an invaluable difference. Thank you.

Alexa - 07/06/2009

Just a thanks for the service, From ordering new D.SLR body to deliver at my door 24 Hrs.

That is service .. :) :)

Barnie - 05/06/2009

Hi there,

Just to say my 5D mkII, which I ordered Friday came yesterday as promised via city link, well packaged and with the canon security tab in place which gave me the confidence that it was fresh off the shelf and unopened. I've not tried it out in earnest yet as I spent a couple of hours last night familiarising myself with the various buttons and functions and although it doesn't have the bulletproof feel of my 1D mkII it seems a better overall package for the normal amateur in many ways.

As you might imagine I did some considerable research before both deciding on the 5D mkII (not too much required here from a specification point oif view as I've already got a Canon system-just a bit more time needed to convince me to spend the £2k) and where to buy it from. Having dug a little deeper behind some of the offers on the internet it soon became apparent those that were cheaper than yourselves were often imported from either Hong Kong or the States. As I wanted peace of mind regarding any possible repairs and being able to travel through customs without any problems I decided on buying from a recognised photographic retailer and I'm glad I chose yourselves.

Thanks again

Adrian - 02/06/2009

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Colour Management Seminar, it was excellent but underlined how little I know about the subject (not a surprise). I should have allowed more time in the day to take advantage of the highly knowledgeable speaker but nevertheless I can at least begin to approach the subject now, thank you

These seminars are a great idea


Graham Collier 29/05/2009

Many thanks for the prompt and very efficient delivery of my Fuji S5 camera. An exellent service with a very good web site making selection and purchace very easy.

M.Clark - 19/05/2009

Just a note to thank you for your outstanding service today and for previous orders: I have just received the Olympus 70-300mm lens I ordered on Sunday evening, which nobody else even had in stock – I expected to wait a few days for delivery and I haven’t had to and it was a discount price – what more could I possibly ask! You have moved up to my first choice online store now & I’ll certainly be back soon.

Thank you very much

Sally Tonge - 28/04/2009

Just a note to congratulate you on your excellent service. Yesterday I spoke to a salesperson who could not have been more helpful, and today my camera has just been delivered. Time taken, less than 24 hours.
Outstanding service, well done!

Iain McFalls - 21/04/2009

Received my order this morning before 10.30 as promised. As a professional photographer for some 25yrs+ may I thank you for your prompt and professional service. Great lens, Great price, and Great service!

Matthew - 16/04/2009

I received the case today. I'm impressed with the speed of delivery and will bookmark your website so I can return in the future!
Thank you!
Lynne - 16/04/2009

Dear Park Camera Team,

Thankyou for delivery of Nikon D3X, lenses and accessories that arrived safely this afternoon. I, m over the moon with the camera. I,ll be in touch soon for other things, ie, a new bag or rucksack and maybe a new tripod. Thanks again,

Regards Lynne Gorrie - 10/03/2009


Just to let you know, the lens arrived safely today. Have already started using it – very pleased!!!! Many thanks for your assistance. Will buy from you again in the future.

Kind regards

John Atkins - 04/03/2009

I just wanted to say a big Thank You for your wonderfully quick service - I ordered my Canon Case for the G10 yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning at 8 am. After a lot of trouble with Canon themselves (online) to obtain this case which was apparently not in stock (and having to wait 5 weeks) - I am, as you can imagine very pleased indeed now to have one - and which was received so quickly. Congrats Park cameras on your truly excellent service! - I can well understand your award for being a great Photographic supplier.

Michael Aldrich - 28/02/09

Dear Park Cameras sales team,

Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service - and for selling a great camera at a great price!

Kind regards

Rachel Oliver - 25/02/2009


Received first thing this morning, tested tonight, work perfectly. Really impressed by the service.


Dave - 24/02/2009

Thank you for your excellent service. Package arrived by 11am today (24th) and the lense put to plenty of practice already. Will keep your site on my favourites for future use.

Trevor Brown - 24/02/2009


I have just received my Nikon SB900 which I only ordered from you yesterday, I have to say that from my first order I will certainly be using your company again as the speed I received my order was first class it arrived at 10.30am this morning, so thank you very much for that.

Well done at Park Cameras.

Kind regards,

Kevin Pengelly LMPA - 24/02/2009

Hi Martin,

I just like to say thanks for the quick response, I never really had customer service like this, much appreciated. Rest assured i will definately be buying from Park Cameras again, my friends and colleagues will know about this great service you guys have provided me. Many thanks.

Ed - 13/02/2009

Hello there,

I would really like to thank you for a quick response and supply of my order (Canon lens) it came very well packed, I could not believe how quick it came. You will be recommended when anyone asks.
Thank you once again.

G.Reading - 30/01/2009

Dear Sirs
This is the first time I have been motivated to write to a company, in praise of both the service and the product. The Samsung GX-10, which I bought in December 08, is proving to be a wonderful camera, offered by you at a great price, and I consider myself very lucky to have obtained it, especially with a two year guarantee. The delivery also was first class. It came on time and overall, I am extremely satisfied to have dealt with Park Cameras.


Frank Eaton - 29/01/2009


This is just a quick note to acknowledge receipt of the Pentax 16-45 lens which I ordered YESTERDAY (14.00) ! Less than 24 hours for a delivery to Northern Ireland is nothing short of amazing. Please accept my thanks and gratitude for a service, which surely can be second to none.

Looking forward to dealing with you again


Eddie Cameron - 28/01/2009

Dear Park Cameras,

I have just received the two items listed below and would like to thank you for the superb service you have provided.

I ordered these items with you because your price for the lens was the best I could find from a reputable dealer and £15 for the Nikon filter was a steal! When I telephoned, on the 21st, to check the progress of my order I was told that the lens was out of stock when my order was received but new stock had since been received and the lens was being dispatched that day.It was delivered to my home yesterday but unfortunately I was at work so received it today.

I know that the price of the lens has increased significantly - along with many other items - since I placed the order and was concerned that I may have been charged the price at point of despatch.I'm sure you can imagine my delight when I checked the invoice and saw that whilst the increased price was shown a discount had been applied that reduced the price to that at the time of ordering.

Once again, thank you.

Best wishes,

Alun Jenkins 23/01/2009


Thanks for the prompt response. It worked a treat. As they say "you made my day".
Thanks again


Will Weatherup 07/01/2009

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